Transforming the fitness industry with technology

AdvantaConnect™, our proprietary, cloud-based technology platform, is transforming the delivery of fitness and wellness benefits for the industry. With dedicated portals for clients, program participants, and our health and fitness providers, AdvantaConnect™ is powerful enough to serve all our clients’ needs for data management and program administration, yet flexible enough to be customized according to our clients’ specially defined criteria. As such, we are able to take a more ‘consultative’ approach when designing the fitness programs clients seek; AdvantaConnect™ provides essential data capture, collection and analysis capabilities as well as individualized programming and implementation functions. It is the only software application serving the fitness benefits industry that offers:
  • Dynamic encounter data -- enables clients to track program participation and to view client-defined reporting.
  • Electronic attendance tracking -- eliminates the need for program participants to record their visits to their fitness facilities or submit paperwork for claims processing.
  • Secure online personal account management  -- allows program participants to view and manage their personal profile, track their utilizations and rewards, and select or change their primary fitness facility.
  • Targeted communications -- personalized emails and text messages provide motivational support to program participants to help them stay on track to meet their fitness goals.
  • Strategic integration with other health and productivity programs can be designed into any clients’ customized program and dedicated portal.
  • Data sharing with health and fitness providers and health insurers tracks and measures the effectiveness of physical activity programs in a coordinated continuum of health care.

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